Christopher Columbus And Charles Lindbergh Comparison Essay

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Although separated by over 430 years, the most notable adventures of Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh are both two pieces in the history of exploration. Like many other ventures, they share some similar characteristics: the intent of the trip, the obstacles that came as a result, the important factors that made each quest successful or unsuccessful, and the final result of their travels. The expeditions share many similarities, yet have various differences. In the grand scheme of things, however, they both interconnect the most with their vitality to the progress in the world that we live in.

As with any great expedition, there has always been a beginning and a goal in mind. Both the ventures of Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh share this common trait, but include significantly different characteristics. With Columbus, the plan was to find an alternate route to Asia, but for Lindbergh’s flight, it revolved around creating the first successful transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. One of the plans involved establishing a better way to trade with other countries, while the other had a plan in mind to make history. From the start, they don’t appear to be similar when looking at the goals that each journey was planning to accomplish. Fortunately, this is only a miniscule part in
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There is a good chance that neither of the quests that Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh headlined would be the same as we know them. Both individuals had to step up as leaders and show an incredible amount of courage and ingenuity throughout their journey, with everything that they fought for on the line. Their dedication to their missions led to the end results, which may not have been what each explorer wanted, but both would shape the world as we know it, and that is what binds these adventures together
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