Christopher Columbus And Lindbergh: A Journey Across The Atlantic

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Columbus and Lindbergh: A Journey Across The Atlantic “For the execution of the voyage to the Indies, I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps”(“Christopher Columbus Quote.”). This is a quote from Christopher Columbus, one of the most prominent and well known explorers in history. As I typed this quote, I considered the differences between Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh. Columbus and Lindbergh both travelled the Atlantic. However, they both used different methods; Columbus sailed across the Atlantic by ship from Europe to North America in the Santa Marie; Charles Lindbergh flown across the Atlantic from North America to Europe. Explorers come in many forms, and those who partake in this dangerous task are likely…show more content…
The journeys of Lindbergh and Columbus both were difficult and riddled with challenges. As previously mentioned, Lindbergh suffered from sleep deprivation on his journey; this sleep deprivation caused hallucinations. Hallucinations are dangerous when flying, you could possibly crash due to seeing the ground or dodging out of the way of a bird that doesn’t exist. Columbus faced vastly different challenges, even before the voyage he faced the challenge of getting funding for his expedition into the West Indies, although he received it, he had to wait until after a war Spain was in. Even after the voyage started, he still faced obstacles including starvation, mutiny, and the fact that the crew of his ships despised him and wanted him dead. On a small ship, disease spreads easily; oftentimes people would die on the ships from malnutrition, illness and violence. During the voyage, Columbus lost many ships, the majority of them in fact. This caused even more cramped quarters, which in turn, made the spread of disease easier(“Christopher Columbus's Challenges He Encountered.”). Both of the men faced challenges during their journeys, and that is what makes their feats even more surprising and

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