Christopher Columbus Disease Essay

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Hundreds, thousands, millions, murdered by immigrants on their lands. WIth no rights peoples land, rights, and lives were taken. Over 100 million died, Disease was the deadliest of all killers. Columbus started the immigration of Europeans and nearly ended the Native American’s culture. THe genocide of Native Americans caused by European settlers in the new world was injust killing that still does not get the attention it deserves. Out of the many deaths, 90% of all the natives who died were killed by disease. (Atrocities Against Native Americans)Europeans brought many diseases with to the americas that natives were never exposed to before hand. Smallpox, measles , influenza, whooping cough, typhus, and bubonic plague were those terrible diseases.(AMERICANS, GENOCIDE OF NATIVE.) In Europe, People had been in close quarters with humans and animals for hundreds of years.(AMERICANS, GENOCIDE OF NATIVE.) DIsease was easily spread an overtime, resistances against…show more content…
(AMERICANS, GENOCIDE OF NATIVE.)Columbus would spread disease, kill, raid, and used the natives as slaves. He forced them into being a labor force and started a mass extermination of all the men, women, and children. (Atrocities Against Native Americans)When columbus came to the Caribbean, he started a ripple effect. As more european settled in the Americas, disease was spread faster and faster until there was barely anything left to infect. Even though Columbus committed genocide against the Taino indians, he is still celebrated; his true impact on the world is not well
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