Christopher Columbus Father

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In source 3 of From The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand, the son of Columbus explains with valid reasoning as to why his dad had preconceptions about the natural world and human cultures in “the Indies.” The first reasoning that Columbus’ son gives about his dad is that he was aware of the world being round, he also assumed that he could go from east to west in a complete circle until he met people. Ferdinand inferred from his father, “since the eastern of India was not yet known, that end must be the one which is closed to us in the West; therefore any lands that he should discover might be called the Indies…”(Page 281) He imagined their being men standing at opposite ends of the world, forming one against the one other.…show more content…
“He was impressed by the many fables and stories which he heard from various persons and sailors who traded to the western islands and seas. Since these stories served his design, he was careful to file them away in his memory”, quoted from The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by His Son Ferdinand (Page 281). Sources 8 through 10 definitely emerges from the writings of Columbus and what he believed there to be many possible islands through the eastern and western coast to settle on. In source 9 From The Travels of Marco Polo, Marco Polo describes an island in Japan and its natural world and human cultures. “Zipangu [Japan] is an island in the eastern ocean, situated at the distance of about fifteen hundred miles from the mainland...It is of considerable size; its inhabitants, are well made, and are civilized in their manners (Page 287).” The commonalities that had affected Columbus’s assessment of his location were that so many other philosophers and sailors were exploring out and he was eager to find out about more of the world and the culture of the humans in the Indies. In his letter to Ferdinand and Isabella (1501) Christopher ends his letter by saying, “Thus Our Lord revealed to me that it was feasible to sail from here to the Indies, and placed in me a burning desire to carry out the plan (Page
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