Christopher Columbus Hero Or Villain Essay

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Payton Johnson
Mrs. Crawford
U.S History
04 October 2017
Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?
In the essay, we will talk about Christopher Columbus. Many people make the discussion about whether he is a hero or a villain. Some people say he is a hero, but others say he is a villain. A few people opinions about him is that he is both. In a personal opinion he is a hero and a villain. Here are 4 reasons why,(1) he found new land ; (2) he took the land from the natives; (3) he found new land for Spain; and (4) he killed natives culture..
In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail to find a route to Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, he came across new land he called the Americas. Christopher Columbus thought he land in Asia, but realized he was not in Asia. He forced the crew members that knew they were not in Asia to lie. The ones who did not listen were killed. When he got there, there was other people there. He called them Indians( Natives Americans). He claim the land for Spain. He also helped spread the religion of christianity to the land he claimed. Columbus made a goal for slaves over 14 years old to hunt for gold. The goal was 14 a quota everyday. The ones who failed had their hands cut off. They had a resistance and were killed. He claimed San Salvador from the Tainoes. He possessed to kill, rape, take advantage, and wipe out the majority of the Taino Native people. He killed almost 7 million Taino, ruining their lives, cultures, and families. He also
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He was more a villain. He helped Spain by spreading Christianity and he claimed land for them. He also killed,raped, took advantage of and wiped out the native population. He force his crew to lie and force slaves to find gold. In result of them failing, he harmed or killed them. His voyages leaded to bigger destruction including the Columbian Exchanges, African Slave Trade, and Cultural Clash. He truly changes the world
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