Christopher Columbus Influence

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We all know that Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the New World. His discoveries are still talked about, to this day. But, how did his discovery really influence the lands he found, along with the history of the world? Without his influence, how would the world be today? Christopher Columbus’s findings are a prime example of exploration and encounters in history. To begin, on August 3rd, 1492, Columbus started on his journey with three ships, including his own. He left from Palos de la Frontera, a Spanish town. The ships, named, The Santa Maria, Niña, and Pinta, featured crewmembers from the town, and the surrounding areas. The Santa Maria was a large, bulky cargo vessel, and one that was not particularly suited for long-term exploration. However, it was useful for holding a large percentage of the crew who would go on the journey. Being the biggest in size of the three vessels, it held up to about 40 passengers. The second to largest ship, called the Pinta, was only…show more content…
He made his prewritten speech that was to be announced if he came across a new area. Columbus also gave the island a name. “To this island I gave the name San Salvador, in honor of our Blessed Lord.”1 To Columbus, the island was “fairly large and very flat.” It had very green grass and trees, and more than one body of water. He said that there was a lagoon of a large size, and that there were no mountains. All of the commotion that the voyagers created caused the inhabitants of the island to come on to the shore. Columbus described them as “very well built [people], with handsome bodies and fine faces.”1 The native people of the island spoke their own language, and could not understand Columbus, neither could they understand any of the other men. The same was for Columbus and the crew. They could not understand what the people were
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