Christopher Columbus Journal Entries

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Columbus’s journal; A normal day on the land was suddenly going to be the day or discovery.

We woke up and did out ritual , cooked then cleaned. After we moved to our daily work area.

Some of us farmed , cooked for the chiefs of our tribe , the children went to school where they

learned how to read , write , and acknowledge the history of our tribe. We’ve never encountered

any other tribes but we know they are out there. I took foot to my daily job on the farm. We pick

corn and and other fruits or vegetables that our sprouting. It was a mile from our village and on

the particular day the sun was shining and the heat beamed on us like lying your face next to a

hot fire. We began our job and hours later we took our break. I was so relieved that I packed lots
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After lunch the skies got dark and we were going to encounter some rain in the next

couple of hours. We were finishing the last of our pickings and started to pack up. We rushed to

our village and stayed in our homes till the storm passed. We’ve had many of storms like this

one before so it wasn't noting but a breeze that flowed through the village. The next day was

Sunday October 21 st , 1492, on Saturdays we take a break from our daily dues and take

a trip to the shores. We usually walk to the shores with the whole village but some decided to go

to the river. It was my family of 4 and another family , our neighbors, of 5 joined us to the

shores. We came across some men. Men that we've never seen before. They didn't look like

natives nor from any other tribe that we know about. We tried not to encounter them. We ran

back to the village were we told the chief. We heard the men come towards our village so we

quickly hid as much as we could. Our “goods” the things that we treasure the most. We were

freighted but amazed. We decided to help the fellow men to see what they were up to. We

followed them back to the shore with calabashes full of water. We promised them we'd
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