Christopher Columbus Legacy Analysis

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Few men in the world demonstrate the ability to lead individuals to follow them while leaving a legacy that is emulated throughout history. Christopher Columbus did just that, facing challenges throughout his attempts to voyage across the ocean, he inspired people to follow him and changed the world forever. Providing influence, direction, and purpose, ADP 6-22 (2012) are all key pillars of army leadership that
Christopher Columbus displayed throughout his life. His leadership qualities influenced me not only in my military career but my personal life as well. It is not always easy to take the path less traveled, to keep going when others doubt you, and have the fortitude to trust your instincts. I can only hope to have half the leadership
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I have always tried to instill this type of leadership in my soldiers, having the courage to go against the grain when you believe in something. I have always tried to have this type of courage and hope that in my little corner of the world I have left some sort of legacy with those people that I have influenced. Everybody wants to leave some sort of legacy whether it be for their family or the soldiers that they lead throughout their career. All of us will not discover America, but we can attempt to emulate some of the qualities that leaders such as Christopher
Columbus displayed and apply these to our lives. Columbus like many that have gone before us are examples of the Character, Presence, and Intellect ADP 6-22 (2012), that we should all strive for and will more times than not strengthen your leadership qualities.
I only hope that I can inspire soldiers that follow me to have the same fortitude to use their minds and defend their thoughts even when they are the minority. If I can leave that as my legacy then I did something right, leaving them with a strong base for which to build
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