Christopher Columbus: Poor Richard's Almanack

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Christopher Columbus, said first discoverer of the New World, was credited this title because his personal discovery of the New World was not only lasting and lead to the beginning of exploration and colonization, but he also had documented/published proof or “record” of this new land, which included his journal entries, unlike the explorers before him. However, around 1000 A.D., years and years before Columbus went to new land, a Viking man named Leif Eriksson hit the land of Canada after his father and crew landed in what they named Greenland. “Sagas” or legends let us know that he was indefinitely involved in the true discovery of the New World (Leif Erickkson vs. Christopher Columbus). Poor Richard’s Almanack is a known series of annual calendars published by Benjamin Franklin. It included things such as important dates, statistical information, and tables of tides and astrology. Some may wonder where the name of Richard came from. Well, it is derived from Richard Saunders, who was not actually a real person, but a fictitious name made up by Ben Franklin–a pseudonym. He later went on to use it as “Poor Richard,” and each year it would sell about ten-thousand copies until the last time it was published twenty-five years later from 1732 (Green). We know that a Quaker is someone a part of a religious group. We know…show more content…
We all know the story of her time on the bus because anytime the topic of civil rights is brought up, we can understand the wrong in the society at that time in history. Rewind about a couple of hundred years, and we meet Anne Hutchinson. She, too, was an activist of her time (“Anne Hutchinson”). While Tubman’s actions were worked more towards racial equality, and Hutchinson’s in a gender equality, these women can be appreciated in the same way for their activism. Today, Anne Hutchinson is sometimes referred to as the “Puritan Rosa Parks”
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