Christopher Columbus's Journey, Luck Or Success?

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Christopher Columbus

“Tomorrow morning before we depart, I intend to land and see what can be found in the neighborhood.” - Christopher Columbus (Columbus) Christopher Columbus’s journey, luck or success? America might not exist or be called what it is today without Columbus’s exploration. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in search for Asia and instead discovered America. Christopher Columbus made a great change in history because he found the “New World” which later became known as the Americas.

Christopher Columbus started his career as a mariner in the Portuguese merchant fleet. Columbus’s first job was as a chartmaker and he quickly moved up to an agent for luxury goods from Genoa, Italy. His voyages between 1477 and 1485 were located from Iceland to the Gold Coast of West Africa. Throughout the years he took on many voyages, while on these voyages he learned new things about the trading business, faster routes to go according to wind systems and he also learned how to be a great navigator. Columbus moved from Italy to Spain in 1486 to help make his objective to find faster trade
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He found small islands, small items and founded America. He became relatively close with the people he found living on these islands. These people were poor, shy, cautious and scared and were not expecting for their land to be claimed. Columbus wrote almost everything he experienced in his journal while on his journeys. (Columbian) From his entries, I can get ideas of how he felt while exploring. He had never expected to find America but was prepared for anything that hit him. He was sent out and determined to find other lands and at first while searching, he missed North America and landed in Haiti. Then, on his way to find Asia, he bumped into America and he landed there on August 3, 1492. (Voyages) Columbus was always prepared for when he discovered new
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