Christopher Delgado's Essay 'The Culture Of Denial'

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RRR: The Culture of Denial In the essay “The Culture of Denial” (2015) by Christopher Delgado, he expounds on the opinion that there is an issue within the public with the trusting of the scientific community’s discoveries. Delgado does this by providing numerous examples of the kind of discoveries that a good amount of the public does not fully believe along with some examples of why those people do not trust said scientific concept. Delgado explains this in order to expose the masses to how much we mistrust the scientific community, and how we must alter that mistrust into trust. The intended audience for this reading is the general public, or specifically the ones who are in denial of scientific information. I somewhat disagree that…show more content…
They could make up many lies in order to deceive us, or to harm us. For example, vaccinations, they could be potentially harmful. Delgado explains, “Getting a vaccine is a way to expose your body to a concentrated amount of a certain disease” (262). He also states, “This practice also has its fair share of opposition, mainly from parents” (262). Scientist made this discovery many years ago, and it is a continued practice. But my problem is that anything could go wrong, and just one child being harmed by these vaccines is enough to convince me not to support them. As Muslims, we are strong disbelievers in vaccinations because they can harm our babies. The essay is very good though in my honest opinion. Delgado essay suggest that he is attempting to make a logical appeal by using various examples of some things we disbelieve and providing statistics to said disbelieved scientific content. He starts by explaining that most scientific achievements correlate with humankind advancement, “The advancement of humankind has always been directly correlated with scientific achievements, from the early years of the world where people built tools to help them hunt, to the Renaissance where people like Leonardo Da Vinci were pushing the bounds of their knowledge” (Delgado
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