Christopher Ferguson Stop Blaming Violent Video Games Summary

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In this essay, I will be analysing the article by Christopher Ferguson entitled Stop Blaming Violent Video Games. Video games have been at the front of social and political controversy since their popularity increase in the early 1990's. With the use of scientific research data, and the common misconception that society makes in connection with violent video games and young adults committing aggressive crimes. Ferguson demonstrates a clear and concise argument to the fallacy of video games being linked to heightened aggressive behavior and violent tendencies. In the article. The use of Logos is prominent and brings Fergusons opinion to a logical and reasonable conclusion. In a studying conducted by the University of Missouri, Ferguson summarizes…show more content…
Music, books, and board games became the target for the media to pin on ruining the moral fiber of youth. It creates a parallel to what video games are currently going through. It inspires a sympathetic emotion to the enjoyments of our past, that we see as harmless now. Just because it is influential to a younger demographic, doesn't mean that it will cause our moralities to become susceptible to dramatic changes. Christopher Ferguson provided a great argument toward the controversy behind violent video games and heightened aggressive behavior. He used credible sources of scientific information to inspire a logos style of argument. He also used a pathos style of persuasion to connect the reader to past incidents with other forms of entertainment and the nature of society using pre-existing beliefs to connect a similar constant event with a Lilja 3 misunderstood cause. Both uses provide a compelling and informative insight to why we as a society connect violent video games to national tragedies and aggressive behavior. The scientific information in the article shows that there really is no correlation to both
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