Christopher Marowe Poetry: Relation To The Elizabethan Era

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B. Relation to the Elizabethan Era Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) in an English poet who lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, he became famous after he adapted classical text, entitled Ovid’s Elegies (bound with John Davie’s Satyres and Epigrammes), he produced Hero and Leander that as published in 1598. Basically, Hero and Leander is a narrative poem and pick romantic as the theme of this poem. In a specific category, this poem is considered as an epyllion, that is, a "little epic": it is longer than a lyric or elegy, but concerned with love rather than with traditional epic subjects. As the unique style in this era, there are four distinct forms of poetry: lyric, elegy, tragedy and pastoral; so that we can see Marlowe took the similar form of the poem during the Elizabethan era. Thematically, Elizabethan poetry focused upon romance, courtly love and erotic, though the most popular one was romantic while describing the characters in erotic words, as in the poem of Hero and Leander. The background of the theme about erotic, gender, etc., actually comes from Elizabeth Tudor’s accession to the English throne in 1558 significantly challenged and disrupted contemporary assumptions about gender roles. Elizabeth I was an anointed monarch, but she was also a woman in a world of men. Elizabeth I’s political androgyny – she was known at home and abroad as a “female Prince”, and Parliamentary statute declared her a “king” for political purposes (Jordan, 1990). Elizabeth I

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