Christopher Mccandless Book Analysis

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The trek Christopher McCandless took baffled many, and it was hard to fathom why such a promising young man would embark on such an audacious and dangerous journey; however, Krakauer’s novelization of that undertaking pulls the reader through not just McCandless’ journey but his philosophy and thoughts as well. Without the in-depth examination of McCandless as a person, it is easy for many to write him off as reckless and his death being a waste, but Krakauer paints McCandless’ expedition as one that fulfilled him and provided something he lacked. Although one expects that Krakauer’s portrayal will not be objective, as he admits it himself, but what is surprising is that the reader finds themselves understanding McCandless as Krakauer does. Krakauer accomplishes this level of understanding and empathy by establishing who McCandless was, as a person, early on in the book. He uses that understanding to develop on the basic personality of McCandless, throughout the entire book, that Krakauer first established.Krakauer also uses passages from famous authors or philosophers to complement the thoughts and actions of McCandless; this gives the reasoning of McCandless more legitimacy and compels the reader to not discount what McCandless is thinking so easily. In order to understand McCandless, Krakauer had to show what McCandless was like while in society, and what seemingly pushed him out. McCandless does not embody the typical characteristics of a runaway which could make it
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