Christopher Mccandless Life Analysis

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Perspective of Christopher McCandless’s Life

Callarman’s argument to Christopher McCandless’s is relatable and understanding, but he does not see the full picture. Christopher McCandless had everything in his life: money, material, family, prestige etc. but the only thing he wanted to fully experience is the outside world, to get out of his comfort zone and see how nature really feels like. I would agree with Callarman’s argument because he was arrogant and unenlightenment, but I also would disagree because he died doing what he loved and a place he wanted to be. Christopher McCandless was a reckless, disregard kid that did what he wanted to do before he died. McCandless had everything, but had nothing. What I mean by that is that he
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By this point, i think i would agree with Callarman’s opinion because there are abundantly details on how he deviated from his life. He believed that he would be safe and thought he understood everything, however that was not the occurrence. McCandless was an astute, clever kid but was exceedingly obdurate. He did everything he could do to survive but at the end, death was inevitable. There was nothing that he could do nor anyone else, so he had to face the facts. Doing everything flawless with no agitation and finessing the trip to Alaska to fall short to a poisonous plant. The only thing that McCandless could have done to survive would probably be not crossing the river because that was the main complication that got him stuck.

To conclude, I would agree with Shaun Callarman at the end because there was plenty of evidence on how inadequate Christopher McCandless’s decisions were and how unpredictable his situation was. There was no other way this journey could have ended for McCandless except if he just stayed home from the beginning. Overall, he was amateurish and incompetent person that could not accomplish his dream, but did inspire endless people to follow their dreams and achieve nature tranquility. Rest in Peace Christopher
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