Christ's Incarnation

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How does Christ’s incarnation relate to the salvation of the world?
Christ’s incarnation is the back bone of the Christian faith, according to Christianity if anyone does not acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in flesh is not from God (1 John 4:1-3). This entails that Christ’s incarnation is at the central heart of Christian theology and it has played a major role in the salvation of the fallen creation. John the Baptist points to Jesus as the one who has come to take way the sins of the world (John 1:29; Cf., Luke 19:10). The doctrine of Christ’s incarnation asserts God coming in the human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ without ceasing to be God. Sinless He lived and died on the cross for the salvation of the flesh He assumed. Thus, this paper will attempt to investigate the doctrine and its significance in the salvation of the world. The term incarnation
The term incarnation is a Christian doctrine which asserts that “God himself without ceasing to be God has come among us, not just in but as a particular man, at a particular time and place” ((Hebblethwaite, 1987:1; Cf.).
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10:1f). in other words, it was on the cross where human sin was paid for, henceforth, man stands forgiven in the eyes of the righteous God and because of that event of crucifixion man’s eternal punishment was lifted (Isa.53:1-12; Col.2:14; 1 peter 1:18). Precisely, as Jesus took upon himself the sin of the world and died on the cross (John 1:29), the world found it’s righteous in him (1 Cor. 5:21; Eph.1:7). In all these we see the infinite love of God been displayed, (Hebblethwaite,
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