Chromium Picolinate Argumentative Essay

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The crack of the bat launches the ball high in the air clearing the fence with room to spare. Helmets crash together as the ball comes loose; the red helmet paint chipped onto the blue. The long home runs in baseball and the big hits in football make the crowds go wild, but they might be the result of certain players. These players may be illegal drug user. Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are any drugs taken by athletes to improve their individual performance. While some may argue that PEDs contribute to the spectacle of sporting events, there should still be punishments for their usage.
Performance enhancing drugs affect almost every sport across the world whether the usage is prescribed drugs or illegal. Illegal PEDs are more commonly used than those that are prescribed and won’t cause danger if playing a sport. A drug used that is legal to the sports world is Chromium picolinate. Chromium picolinate is sold in stores and also online, available in forms of pills or sports drinks (Farrey). Chromium picolinate has been around for over a decade, with sales totals of more than eighty-seven million dollars a year
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They can be bad effects and good effects as well. If PEDs are overused and it causes a withdrawal after not using it for time, depression will start and sometimes suicide may come to mind (USADA). This is why having the drugs prescribed is better than getting them illegal. They have many mental side effects, and if it causes suicidal thoughts a doctor will need to be notified. Another mental effect of PEDs is something called “roid rage” (USADA). Roid rage is when there is a sense of aggressiveness and anger will fill the person (USADA). It is like road rage but it is caused from the drug, and can be even worse. It can cause someone to go insane if there is a withdrawal. Again this is another reason why PEDs are illegal in sports, and need to be handled with
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