Chromosomal Theory Of Inheritance Essay

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The chromosomal theory of inheritance proposed by Boveri and Sutton in 1902 states that chromosomes are the physical structures that are responsible for the transmission of hereditary characters through successive generations of all organisms. Chromosomes are the structures that store and transfer genetic material from one generation to the next. They are most often found as long, thread-like structures located within the nucleus and their main function is to carry hereditary information. Recombination of chromosomes and crossing over during meiosis allows for variations to occur within a species from generation to generation. The word chromosome is derived from the 2 ancient Greek words ‘chroma’meaning coloured and ‘soma’ meaning body, hence…show more content…
Structure of chromosome observed under a light microscope shows two chromatids connected at a point: the centromere. Chromatids are simply the condensed form of chromatin. Chromatids separate during anaphase stage of mitosis and meiosis II to form the genetic material of separate cells. The chromonemata are the portions of the chromosome that contain genes that code for protein synthesis. Also known as the primary constriction or the kinetochore, the centromere is the region of the chromosome that is attached to the spindle fibres during mitosis or meiosis. While most chromosomes have only one centromere, some may have two (dicentric) or none (acentric). Depending on the location of a centromere, chromosomes can be classified into 1 of 4 types. 1) Acrocentric: small, rod-shaped structures where centromere is located towards one end so that one arm of the chromosome is notably smaller than the other. 2) Telocentric: rod-shaped structure where the centromere is located at one end so that the chromosome has only one arm 3) Submetacenteric: L shaped structure where centromere is located more towards the centre but the two arms are unequal in

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