Essay On Structural Changes In Organization

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Most of the structural changes and development occur in each organization are cause of the internal and external factors. In order for the organization to make an efficient management, it needs the ability to make structural changes or development in the organization. All this changes and development will aid and continue organization on the right path.
Based on Chron website, the changes of structural are because of acquisition, job duplication, market changes, and process changes. The acquisition and merging with another company will give profound effect on organization structure. Job functions and division will be alter in order for the company to fit into the acquisition and merging company, the management positions may be eliminated as well. Furthermore, multiple managers within an organization may create the structural changes in which employees does not know which command to follow. There should be changes in organization structure which is to eliminate the excess positions.
The market place changes include of the fuel prices rise, customers will demand to purchase small car because of fuel efficient vehicles. This acquired new development and changes in order to satisfy customers need and the old method should be eliminated.
Moreover, companies’ process changes cause structural changes. The addition of new
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Maxis branch have less employees, so the reports of any circumstances will be directly report to their manager and to their boss. The responsibility of the worker is significant to make sure to report to their manager if something has occur or it is their job to report on the activities progress. Moreover, there is also a specific target in sales that Maxis employees need to achieve. In every month, the sales target for Maxis is different. For example in the selling of Maxis line, the target for selling the line is 120 per line over 180

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