Chronic Care Rollout Case Study Essay

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Leadership occurs when others willingly follow that direction. (Gaiter, D. 2013). In the early months of 2012, under the direction of Mr. Lee, data was gathered and feasibility studies were analyzed, it was decided that chronic care service roll out will be piloted in Atlanta. Managers were mobilized to establish systems, rules and procedures to help with the service roll out. The pilot project was embraced by the walk in clients in Atlanta. To prepare for the roll out, webinars for chronic care was offered to all Nurse Practitioners. After 6 months of intense planning, the chronic care roll out went live in late 2012. The expansion of chronic care service completely changed how the public received care delivered in the retail clinic setting. Despite the huge opposition from some of the Primary care offices within the vicinity, the patients embraced this change and are grateful for the quality of service being provided to them conveniently located inside the retail store.

Cite examples that indicate the organization did a good job of transitioning to the change
As evidence that this organization did a good job at keeping up with the current healthcare demand:
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A study published in September in the Journal Health Affairs found that retail clinic visits grew 300% from 2007 to 2009, climbing 5.97 million estimated visits in 2009 from 3.52 million in 2008 and 1.48 million in 2007 (APA,

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