Chronic Exercise Analysis

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Chronic exercise is when your body will tone up and develop lean muscle over months of working out. Many people think this can only be found in younger people, but truth is everyone, including the elderly, can develop lean muscle over time by working out daily. Regular exercise for the elderly can improve their overall well-being, physically and emotionally. Physically, regularly exercising can significantly improve body functioning, such as the immune system, gastric function, and cardiovascular functions. When you regularly exercise, your white blood cells and antibodies change, and cause them to circulate faster and detect changes in your immune system earlier than previously. Also, it helps to support your digestive system. Usually food takes between 24hrs and 72hrs to digest, with exercise it can speed up this process causing you to maintain a healthier weight. As for the cardiovascular, the more you exercise the more active which therefore allows more blood flow through your body, creating a much healthier lifestyle.…show more content…
. When you exercise, you are using the negative emotions to build endurance, which not only allows you to detox your body but your mind as well. This results in a feeling of bodily euphoria, the state of overall body happiness. By reducing negative emotions, the elderly can reduce the risks of preventable deaths; cardiac diseases, suicide, and death by

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