Chronic Pain Appraisals

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Pain can affect an individual both behaviorally and cognitively. Chronic pain is a type of pain that can last for a long period of time (Gurung, 2013, p 272). Everyone experiences pain at one point or another, however, women have a harder time coping with pain. Men generally feel less pain and respond better to treatments (Gurung, 2013, p 274). Pain, however, is generally difficult to measure because of the different types people feel due to different types of physical or mental pains. One can cope with pain through the locus of control and catastrophizing. Having a high internal locus of control can help patients cope with chronic pain (Gurung, 2013, p 289). For example, if an individual were to have chronic abdominal pain, and strongly believed…show more content…
Coping with chronic illnesses might be a bit more difficult for individual knowing that the illness is not temporary. However, the best way to live life through any illness, whether that be asthma or cancer, is first and foremost to have a positive outlook on life. A psychological way of coping with chronic illnesses is through appraisals (Gurung, 2013, p 309). Being sick and knowing that one has support through family and friends, can help cope with the idea of being chronically ill. Marital status, also has a huge influence in coping with chronic illnesses (August & Sorkin, 2010). Studies have shown that the presence of a partner during a life-long illness can aid in increased health behaviors. Comparisons are another psychological way of coping. For example, someone dealing with the same disease as his/her coworker, might find comfort in knowing he/she is doing better than the coworker (Gurung, 2013, p 312). It’s the feeling that knowing at least it could be worse that helps people cope with their current situation. Religion is another way to cope with chronic illnesses. Seeking God in a time of struggle has been proven to help relieve pain and cope better with diseases (Gurung, 2013, p 319). Having faith in a higher power helps people get through or survive their illnesses in a positive…show more content…
Both can use psychological approach to deal with pain. For example, one dealing with cancer and one dealing with chronic back pain can both seek a positive outlook and tell themselves ‘it’s not so bad’ in order to cope with the pains. Though chemical treatments could be considered for both, the book mentions it more so for chronic pains. Due to the fact chronic pain long yet temporary, chemical treatments are a great way to permanently heal the pain. Earlier, acupuncture was discussed, those dealing with chronic pain can seek acupuncture rather than those dealing with chronic illnesses. People dealing with chronic illnesses also generally seek God in a time for need. Due to the fact illnesses are generally more severe and difficult to cope with, people with theses diseases will seek their religion rather than those simply dealing with back

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