Chronic Stress Research Paper

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Chronic Stress: What It Does and How to Fix It
Stress is something everyone experiences, regardless of social status, ethnicity, and/or background. Stress can be healthy in moderation, but when it continues for a prolonged amount of time, the stressed individual will begin to experience negative effects. At this point, doctors would diagnose this as chronic stress. Chronic stress is “a long-term or continuous state of nervous arousal where an individual perceives that the demands on them are greater than their ability to meet those demands”(“Chronic Stress”). “Your stress level will differ based on your personality and how you respond to situations”(“Causes of Stress”). Chronic stress is provoked by different situations, has many negative effects
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If a person is more temperamental, they may react to a stressful event more dramatically than a person who is laid back. There are two personality types: “Type A” and “Type B”.“People with "Type A" personalities, for example, are rushed, ambitious, time-conscious and driven. Studies suggest these traits, if not properly managed, can create stress-related illnesses. In contrast, the "Type B" personality is a much more relaxed, less time-conscious and driven person. Type B personalities are able to view things more adaptively. They are better able to put things into perspective, and think through how they are going to deal with situations. Consequently they tend to be less stress-prone”(How...Stress?). Your emotional responses to a situation are determined by your appraisal of both the situation and your coping abilities, as well as your…show more content…
One suggestion for stress management is to move or exercise. This could include dancing to music, walking a dog, or doing simple yoga. Another example is to socialize. “Social engagement is the quickest, most efficient way to rein in stress and avoid overreacting to internal or external events that you perceive as threatening”(“Stress Management”). A few more ideas include adapting to the situation, accepting the things that can’t be changed, making time for fun and relaxation, and adapting a permanent healthy lifestyle. Finally, joining a religion or practicing a belief is a great stress reliever because one doesn’t believe they need to monitor the universe or take care of
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