Chronicle Of A Death Foretoble Analysis

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Literature 101 – Prose Fiction Essay
Aniruddh Sheth
6 Nov ‘15

“Where other people exist genuine individuality is never possible.” To what extent does this statement reflect the experiences of the central characters and problems encountered by them in at least two works of prose fiction you have read?

This essay aims to provide a comparison between the two books, ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold ’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and ‘Things Fall Apart ’ by Chinua Achebe to see the effect and extent to which the experiences of their protagonists are related to the people around them. Individuality is extremely crucial in both cases, Things and Chronicle. Both the books have severe complexities in terms of the number of characters they
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Being the leader of his clan his ideals and aspirations are directed to his people but his advisors Ogbuefi Ezeudu and Nwakibie are the ones who try and influence his decisions. Umuofia, the small Nigerian village in which the plot takes place is one where tradition, culture and honor is respected above all. The village functions on the hierarchy of its elders and clan leaders. Okonkwo grew up in a poor household. His father Unoka was a lazy man who never worked or earned any great amount of money. He never took up his title, as it had to be bought. Although he was a great musician and then small amounts he did manage to earn were through his…show more content…
The book as such, revolves around the lives of Santiago Nasar, Angela Vicario and her twin brothers Pedro and Pablo Vicario and their plot to assassinate the Nasar. The plot takes place in the setting of a coastal Columbian town. The four characters are central to what goes on in the plot. The protagonist, Santiago Nasar, is accused of having taken the virginity of Angela Vicario. On her wedding night, her husband Bayardo San Roman finds out about Angela’s virginity and returns her to her house. At her house her brothers ask her of the man who took her virginity. Enraged with fury at hearing that Santiago had done this deed they decide to murder him. The book spans the length of a day, the same day on which Santiago Nasar is to be murdered. The plot goes back and forth in a non-linear fashion with various incidents and accounts from various other characters about this incident and about Santiago
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