Chronicle Of A Death Foretold 9 Short Story

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Harpo’s open expression of love for his wife and family is perceived as him losing his firm grip that a man is supposed to have over his wife and children. “But now Sofia coming, he always busy. He chop, he hammer, he plow.” (Walker, 33) According to Albert, a man isn’t supposed to love his wife, but instead keep her firmly under his thumb and asserts, “Wives is like children. You have to let ’em know who got the upper hand.” (Walker, 35) It was socially demanded of Harpo to function in a manner similar to his father, failing which he became the subject of ridicule. The “macho- code” was forced down his throat when Albert asks him to beat Sofia to reinstate his power in the family and “…. make Sofia mind.”(Walker, 35) This depicts how patriarchy works both ways and can be restrictive of both men and women.…show more content…
The events in the novella show the brothers openly sharpening knives and repeatedly declaring to anyone within earshot about their intentions of murdering Santiago Nasar so that someone would dissuade them from committing the horrendous crime. In fact, the Vicario brothers, “...were comforted by the honor of having done their duty, and the only thing that worried them was the persistence of the smell.” (Márquez, 49) It is only because men continually do such damage to themselves by believing that it is their duty to follow the socially crafted male gender roles and identities, that they are able to make themselves in the dominant images of

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