Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis Essay

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Brumlop In the story, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez gains the reader’s attention from the order in which the story was portrayed through flashbacks and foreshadowing of the trials that Santiago Nasar goes through that will later reveal how he was murdered. This essay may possibly conduct a better understanding of the story and its development throughout the chapters. To begin creating the dark mood to the story, Marquez uses an eerie choice of diction that allows the reader to feel the suspense that he portrays within the novel. An example of this dark setting is when the novel mentions, “Santiago…show more content…
Dionisio Iguaran's absence.” (Pg.43) After the death of Santiago the following statement occurred "I can't," she said. "You smell of him." Not just I. Everything continued smelling of Santiago Nasar that day. The Vicario brothers could smell him in the jail cell where the mayor had locked them up until he could think of something to do with them. "No matter how much I scrubbed with soap and rags, I couldn't get rid of the smell," Pedro Vicario told me. They'd gone three nights without sleep, but they couldn't rest because as soon as they began to fall asleep they would commit the crime all over again.” (Pg.46) Everyone was feeling guilty because the people had a chance to do something but instead chose not to act. This tends to happen tremendously in today’s society; most people think being quiet is the solution but voices are meant to be heard. “FOR YEARS WE COULDN'T TALK ABOUT anything else. Our daily conduct, dominated then by so many linear habits, had suddenly begun to spin around a single common anxiety.” (Pg.57) People who knew Santiago and didn’t warn him were extremely disappointed in their actions and the guilt was slowly killing them without even realizing it. Those who didn’t care for Santiago still ended up paying the price with guilt. “Not everybody loved Santiago Nasar so much, of course. Polo Carrillo, the owner of the electric plant, thought that his serenity wasn't innocence but cynicism. "He thought that his money made him untouchable," he told me.” (Pg.60) Santiago was very confident that it made him come off as selfish about his way of things it was just his personality and many didn’t see

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