Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis

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The novelist, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, wrote a novella, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the concentration was on the Colombian cultural life styles and how the community was so dissimilar from others. All around the world every country or town has their rules or laws to follow. In this circumstance, Colombia was by far different from any other country. The awareness was on how machismo, tensions between the community, and basically anything focusing on the culture of Colombia to make it unique. The narrator in this novel is the journalist; his intentions may have possibly been to use his personal perspective to interact with the heritage and understand the aspects of the nation and to grasp on how civilization built the country up. Later, the journalist was caught upon a murder that happened. He wanted to know what was going on so he tried to trace and connect everything that was happening in the community and what he got was, the arranged marriage between Angela and her husband, which was what started the problem. She accused Santiago as a rapist and supposedly, he was the one who took her virginity away. Her brothers got in the situation and said all around the town that Santiago will soon be dead. In the end, Santiago was found dead. With this, the journalist now had something to write and look forward to from this country. To see how gender relates too, religion, honor, machismo, and collective intelligence; and how the difference between genders makes Colombia so
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