Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis

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1. Did you like it? Why? Write a short paragraph encouraging one of your friends to read it/not to read it (80-100 words). Chronicle of a death foretold is an essential novel in the Hispano-American literature. All of us, in some moment of our lives, should read it. In this novel, we can read the story of the last day alive of Santiago Nasar. The unexpected beginning where the author announces the death of the main character intrigues readers. The atmosphere of mystery is presented throughout the novel, because all the character could be the murderer or an accomplice. At the end of the story, the narrator is in the town and tries to resolve the mystery of the Santiago Nasar’s murder, but the narrator does not get something more than Santiago Nasar is death. It could seem an imaginary novel, in fact, it is. Chronicle of a death foretold is one of the most relevant work of magical realism. All works included in this literary movement mix real events with fantastic elements. This is the reason why I really love this book. It has got mystery, murderers, failed marriages… If I had to encourage a friend to read this novel, I would tell him that the story is full of strange events and the town people know that Santiago was going to be murder, and nobody did anything. I would tell him that, at the end, the reader know how Santiago was murdered and who is his murderer. 2. From a general point of view, which could have been the main translation problems? Then, discuss 4 examples. The
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