Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis

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In the novel, Chronicle of a death foretold. Pablo and Pedro Vicario kill a man named Santiago Nassar in order to restore good to their family name. Angela got married to a man who discovered her secret of not being a virgin, even though she planned to fake her virginity to keep a good image on their family name. Unfortunately, she couldn’t follow through and ended up not faking it thus revealing the truth to her husband Bayardo. Angela was feeling lots of emotions due to this being revealed. Her mother was not happy with her at all and she beat Angela. Angela’s brothers came to her and demanded to know the name of the man who took her honor away from her and ruined their family name. Angela was conflicted and revealed a name that almost anyone would be shocked to hear. Santiago Nassar. Angela seemed to have a hard time finding a name to say during this part of the book and she said that she searched through many names which leads us to wonder many things about her choice of this name. Did Santiago do it? Was Angela protecting someone? In chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author illustrates the hardships men must face such as struggles with one’s inner self in order to uphold honor and masculinity in order to illustrate the negative effects that machismo has on a society as a whole.
Throughout the novel, the author expresses the importance of upholding family honor in order to demonstrate the negative effects machismo has on one’s well-being. In

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