Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Analysis

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Pedro and Pablo Vicario were placed in the impossible position of having to restore their family’s honor. Their decision to do so by murdering Santiago Nasar was heavily influenced by the overall values of their community. Pedro Vicario was considered very authoritative, yet sentimental. His military background left him with a hard look to him, and he was seen as menacing to some. In contrast, his brother, Pablo, was always seen as resolute, and was committed to upholding his family values. The value of honor is the basis of the Vicario family’s reputation, and being the only men in the family capable of maintaining said value left Pedro and Pablo with the responsibility of restoring their honor when their sister, Angela, tarnished it. They were forced to resort to extremes to preserve their family’s image. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez demonstrates how the moral value of honor molded the personalities of the Vicario twins in order to show how both factors justify the brothers’ decision to murder Santiago Nasar. Pedro and Pablo Vicario were born into a family that sees retaining honor as one of the most important morals to have. Their father, Poncio Vicario, had the job of upholding the family honor before he “lost his sight from doing so much fine work in gold in order to maintain the honor of the house” (Marquez 30). Pedro and Pablo grew up being taught that honor was a major factor in maintaining their family’s reputation. Arguably, the most
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