Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Character Analysis

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In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Bayardo San Román is handsome, clean-cut, and prosperous money maker who believes in honor and religion. Bayardo falls in love with Angela Vicario, but after finding out her loss of virginity on the night of their wedding: he returns her back to her family. Even though Bayardo loved Anglea, he couldn 't handle her lack of virginity because it was part of his culture. He disappears from town to show up at Angela 's doors years later. Bayardo San Roman seemed to be too perfect; however, does his culture turn him into an ignorant and impulsive person? We are left with the questions: why does he come to town? Why does he choose angela? Why did he take Angela back to her parents after he found out she wasn 't a virgin? Why was he passed out and drunk at the wedding? Why does he show up at Angela 's doorstep years later? Bayardo remains a mysterious figure in Chronicle and as we try to find out who he really is, only Gabriel García Márquez will know. Who is Bayardo San Román? Bayardo comes barging into town like he runs it. Bayardo "arrived on the weekly boat with some saddlebags decorated with silver that matched the buckle of his belt and rings on his boots" (25). We learn that he "liked noisy and long lasting festivities, but he was a good drinker A man no one knows yet; however, embrace him with open arms, "He looked like a fairy," she told me, "The strange man is called Bayardo San Román, and everybody says he 's enchanting, but I haven
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