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CHRONONUTRITION for beginners -

Chrono diet is emerged from the principles set by the French doctor Alain Delanos in 1986.
In his opinion, whether we will be lean or obese does not depend only on WHAT we eat, but also WHEN we eat.
Thus, the key to weight loss according to the Chrono diet lies in a carefully thought-out combination of certain types of foods and the time during the day when we will provide them.
Chrono diet guarantees a loss of 6 kg per month!
Why is important the schedule of hourly eating during the Chrono dieting?
Dr. Devalos by Chrono nutrition has developed this method because he was convinced that the food degradation in our body depends on the time of day when we consume it.

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Adipose tissue we need, but ...
Each of our fatty tissue cells (called adipocytes) are perfectly organized micro-factory with 24-hour-working time.
The task of this factory is to produce and maintain, and if necessary, release the reserve fuel to our body provided with all daily energy needs.
Adipose tissue is vital for the body, which means that we definitely need to have it, but only a certain percentage. Any excess is harmful, while any greater loss of this tissue is bad, because it is associated with many metabolic and hormonal disorders and diseases.
To form their reserves, fat cells taken from the blood fatty acids and sugars, which are entered by food (let 's not forget that the sugars found in almost all foods, especially in cereals - wheat, buckwheat, rye, rice, barley, oats .... then in fruits, sweets and a large number of vegetables).
Fat cells are well-equipped cells for this role and have very advanced and sensitive system for pumping, collection and storage of fat. After the first phase, the phase of pumping, sugars, and fatty acids takes an army of enzymes that help in the further production of large molecules known as triglycerides. Created triglycerides are stored in special warehouses in the fat cells, and this whole procedure is conducted by the chief conductor: Insulin, a hormone secreted when our pancreas works (pancreatitis). We have already explained what happens when it wakes up on the food

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