Chronotopic Elements In Literature

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"Significance of all these Chronotopes” on at least four different levels: (1) they have narrative, plot-generating significance; (2) they have representational significance; (3) they “provide the basis for distinguishing generic types”7; and (4) they have semantic significance" (Bemong 5-6) The different levels of the chronotopic elements cast light on different levels. First, the narrative technique used by the writer. In his writing, Hosseini uses the technique of an ominous writer, the third person narration. Secondly, the plot-generation is acreative task of the writer to create coherent flow of thoughts which tends to be the basic unit of a plot in the fiction or any form of writing. Thirdly, the elements help in representing…show more content…
For example, this thesis focuses on tracing of the life of the character of Mariam, the protagonist of The Thousand Splendid Suns written by Khaled Hosseini. This theory may lead upto a lot of newer tracking in the other end of the line. For it can also be used to track, the chronological order in which, the writer created the whole plot with the new elements when it comes to the fictions. This helps in analyzing the ways of creating a work of art by the writer. This can also help to trace down the life of the writer and find out the autobiographical elements added in the fiction. These elements are to be inspected to find out whether they are in the same order as it had happened to the writer in the lifetime or to find the misplacement of events and know the reasons why the author decided to do so. This concept of Chronotopes helps the readers as well the writer not to miss the story line. By tracking either the places where the character moves along throughout the novel or at the time period it lives in or also taking the age of the character this could be tracked down to keep in the plot line intact. Along with this, the place where the character lives in with its sociological and political conditions can be understood so that it will help to analyze and compare it with the other settings or to the real life geographical
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