Chrystal Observation

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The last few days I have had the chance to work with Chrystal I wanted to do a quick recap on what we have been able to cover in her training so far and confirm improvement on points Amanda was able to make in her first recap!

Chrystal is overall very confident in setting up for appointment, filling out tray covers, getting patients from the front, walking them to the front, and taking photos (we discussed improvements on photos and techniques.)

Here are a few appointments we have covered in the last few days.

Comfort shorts: She is very eager to jump in! She has done an amazing job at not only fixing the initial reason for the patient coming it but also checking the whole mouth. (She found open doors, broken power chains). She was also
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Demonstrated different ways to help get detail bends in for future appointments.

Repos: she can confidently set up for appointments, clean brackets, place nola, prep and pass! Knows the diffrents between initial bonding of a tooth and rebonding. She observed glue removal with a scraper, adhesive bur, and green stone.

Full bond/bond additional: On our bonds Chrystal set up completely and efficiently. Which included writing all steps to bond on the tray cover to refer back to. She pumised and green stoned with a slow speed which she completed in a timely manner, had great ISO, when placing etch (instructed not to scrub and explained it could damage enamel rods) after doing so or had a great chalky appearance, (when placing solo explained we only wanted a light layer so the brackets wouldn 't slide) when placing she knew which bracket would be next gluing time had greatly improved. She preped for turbos and began to place but requested help to make a bitting surface after appt. we discussed using a green stone and flatten bitting surface.During FB she was using the cotton pliers to retrieve wire clippings. Demonstrated how to keep the wire on the distal end cutter and explained why we want to refrain from using cotton pliers in mouth so we always have them to get into our drawers. After demonstrating to the patient how to wear rbs Discussed using
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