Chuck Brown's Influence On Go-Go Music

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Go-go music is a specific type of music that was first started in Washington D.C. go-go music was developed around the mid-1960s to the late 1970s. However, if you are from the DMV area we all know the God father of go-go music was Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. Go-go music is unique because it has a variety of different sounds. Old school hip-hop, funk, and blues are all factors that play into creating go-go music. A live music scene called Chocolate city in the early 1970s had competitive music. This competitive music is how Chuck Brown and Soul Searchers earned their respect. In fact, in 1978 Chuck Brown big hit “bustin’ loose” was when go-go went big in the Washington, Dc metro area. Chuck Brown started go-go music just because it …show more content…

By combining different grooves Chuck Brown became different because he would continue sets that would last up to two hours. The crowds love this continuous non-stop music and this is what made Chuck Brown differ from other go-go music that was developing. However, in the 1980s some go-go bands were successful while others were unsuccessful. As time grew more and more hip-hop music had an influence on go-go music. As the complexity of music decreased, hip-hop being incorporated in go-go had an increase. Many musical genres have survived and prospered all because of go-go music. Jazz music overcame through decades of disinclined torch passing’s, from swing to the sound of bop and more. Rock-and-roll rediscovered its backbone through punk and heavy metal. Conservatives still squeal every time country music molts into something glossier. So the development of the bounce beat could be seen as a sign of go-go’s …show more content…

Although many had different opinions people our older generation understands why it exists today. This new sound created history in go –go music. The brash style changed the way people danced and partied to go-go music. This new sound evolved go-go music into a generation that most people from the DMV area were brought up on. This new sound of go-go replicated the changing opinions and values of a new street culture. Even though we don’t hear much of it today go-go music is still around and will never be forgotten. Sometimes when I attend college parties’ people from the Washington Metropolitan area will play go-go music. This sound is a sound that will never be forgotten and brings a celebration to every event. Without go-go music I’m not sure what exactly my childhood would have been since concerts were too expensive and going to a go-go only cost $20. Overall this new genera of music has changed music history and will last

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