Chuck E Cheese Argumentative Essay

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I, Jenny Rodgers, am entirely aware that the current situation I'm in is mostly my fault, but in my defense, I am pretty naive. My hatred for Chuck E Cheese, and other places like that stemmed back far into my childhood. I have always been disgusted by them, something just always felt weary about them. So when my mom told me my cousin Katie would be hosting her 7th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, I did everything in my power to get out of it. I even tried the chicken pox trick when you draw red dots on your body. Nothing worked. So, she dragged me all the way to the Chuck E Cheese birthday party. It began as your average seven year old's birthday party. Snotty kids running in each direction, and others sitting down crying with their mom. My ideal day. I was sitting alone when a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to help me with something in the back room. I was assuming that he was an employee considering that he had on a Chuck E Cheese uniform with a nametag that read “Frank”. Now, I realize that I made a big…show more content…
Frank emerges from the back room repeatedly whispering “where’s the shrunken girl?”. I figured he was talking to me, I mean, how mean shrunken girls are there here? I was wrong again because hundreds of small people came out of hiding. They simultaneously begin to ask if he had found a solution, I’m assuming for their smallness. But, he tells them no in a disappointed manner and continues to talk. He reveals that he is an aspiring inventor that works for Chuck E Cheese until his career takes off. His invention is a game for Chuck E Cheese is to shrink someone and put them on a set their size, to make a real-life video game for the person. But his invention had one flaw, he had no way of turning the person back to normal. He then cries about how his coworkers think he’s crazy, and for some strange reason, I agree with
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