Chuck E Cheeses-Personal Narrative

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As I look at this picture, it makes me think about the time I took responsibility for my little cousins. This picture was taken the day I took cousins to Chuck E Cheeses for the first time. My family lives in Oregon, but my extended family lives in California, all around the Bay Area that’s where my family is from there too. While I like Oregon, I try to find any excuse to visit California. So two years ago during spring break, my sister and I decided to go to California. We thought we could visit the family and have some fun.

When we arrived in California, our family had a surprise for us. They all came to meet us at our auntie’s house. My sister and I were going to stay at my auntie’s house, so we weren’t expect everyone to be there. It was nice since we met everyone at once instead of having to drive all over the Bay Area to meet them. I was excited to see my aunties, uncle, grandparent and cousins. Especially my cousins one of them was 15 at the time, the others are all four and under, and are chubby and cute!

Since I was so thrilled to meet my cousins, I decided to take them out somewhere. My sister, cousin and I thought we should take the four and two year old to Chuck E Cheeses–the other two cousins were only 5 and 6 months. Now I have babysat them before, and I’ve taken them out individually, but never together.
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We decided to leave, but before that we wanted to take a picture at the sketch picture booth. The booth bench could only fit two people and there were 5 of us, yet we made it work. My sister, cousin and I squeezed onto the bench, while the kids sat on our laps. All of us were making funny faces, as the two year old looked confused. You could say the picture really depicted our day. Before leaving we got prizes for the kids, they got stickers and the lady working gave them giant lollipops for free. We got in the car, and the kids fell asleep as I drove us home. All in all it was a good
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