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The Fate of Lizzie Walker and Chuck Walker

Elizabeth (Lorne) Walker was the youngest child of Charles and Elizabeth Lorne. She was born and raised in Okawville and lived there with her parents until they moved to East St. Louis. Lizzie married Henry Van Osdale in 1920, divorced him, and married him again in 1925. Their marriages were a tumultuous affair caused by a World War I head injury that led him to violent outbursts and insane jealousy. Her third marriage was to an immigrant from Switzerland who worked at the Chase Hotel. His name was Charles Walker. Their marriage lasted for over 40 years, that is, until her death in 1972. Their only child, Charles “Chuck” Walker, was born in 1930. (L47) (L89) (L96) (L267) (L363)

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Louis U., Charles was playing in a basketball league in the fall. Having won the league, his team was invited to the St. Louis Arena to play a game prior to the professional St. Louis Bombers game. During the game, Chuck got hit in the legs while in the air trying to make a lay-up and landed on his back. His was critically hurt as he broke his back and both of his arms. Chuck was left partially paralyzed and for a long time was hardly able to walk. His weight dropped from 185 lbs. to 109 lbs. For the next few years Chuck lived in pain, but gradually he got most of his motion back. This devastating injury ended his basketball career. However, he stayed at SLU as a student. (L12) (L47)

While attending St. Louis U., in 1950, he ran away with his second cousin, Connye Hanna, and married in Pocahontas, Arkansas. Connye was the granddaughter of Lizzie’s sister, Rachel (Lorne) Hall. Two weeks before they married, Connye, having gotten pregnant by another boy, gave birth to a baby girl name Cydne Rae. Chuck and Connye lived with his parents while he continued to attend St. Louis University. When Chuck’s mother, Lizzie, got tuberculosis, the baby was sent out to California to live with her grandmother, Rachel.
After 3 ½ years of college, and still suffering from partially being paralyzed, Chuck graduated. He and Connye immediately moved to Los Angeles where he worked in banking eventually owning a Ford Dealership. He divorced Connye in 1967 and married Sherry (Carpenter) Butler in

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