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It is not hard to argue that Chuck Yeager was of the most famous test pilots of all time. Chuck Elwood Yeager was born the year of 1923 he grew up in Myra, West Virginia. At a very young age chuck and his brothers were taught to hunt and fish. Chucks amazing talent when it came to hunting and fishing is a big part of his success in aviation. Chuck Yeager also knew a little thing or too when it came to engineering and aspects to a plane due to always being around his father and messing with engines. Chuck always said if there was a “best pilot” award “I would certainly be in the running for it”. During World War 2 chuck Yeager was a new ace fighter pilot. After the war in 1947 Yeager was assigned to test the rocket powered deadly x-1 jet. Later in 1947, Chuck blew everybody’s minds in the x-1 jet he broke the sound barrier on October 14 1947 of an altitude of 45,000 feet, this “achievement” if that’s what you want to call it was held a secret in till around 1948 once it hit public airwaves Yeager became one of the biggest celebrities at the time. He also received a reward called the Collier trophy which called his flight “the greatest achievement since the Wright brothers took flight in 1903”. If you put that all too the side chuck still had other record breaking objectives in 1952, chuck set a new…show more content…
Chuck Yeager’s later years after all his legacy and achievements involve many commercial endorsements and he is even the main character in a book called the right stuff written by tom wolf’s. Interesting facts in the book about Chuck, Chuck flew more than 200 different types of military aircrafts. He trained many of Germini, Mercury and Apollo astronauts at the air force aerospace research school. During World War II, Yeager shot down more than a dozen German planes. He has shoot down 2 times more planes than any other pilot these exact dates are October 12 and November 27,

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