Chungking Express: A Film Analysis Of The Movie

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Movie is always known as the source of entertainment and knowledge as well. It is a way to let people know about life, people, places, culture, norms and general human behavior that we are not aware of. By watching a movie we can relate ourselves with the characters and the stories. I always like to watch movies. But the movie that I was asked to watch recently was never that I would choose to watch. However, it was great to know that a movie that is not fully classical can also turn out to be interesting and makes you go with the flow. It was “Chungking Express” a movie of 1994. This is a movie with two different love stories which are loosely connected. This was the very first difference that I could notice about the film. Because classical Hollywood movies always come up with one heavy story with various characters and each of them has a significant role to play. Here, the movie showed two broken love stories with an ending that leaves you a question. It is a movie with two stories of two cops struggling and waiting for their love to get back. According to David Bordwell’s idea of classical Hollywood narrative structure Hollywood plots consist of clear chains of causes and effects, and most of these involve character psychology. This movie doesn’t follow a standardized narrative formula. This made it something very rare, very special and very unique. If anyone asks me about the protagonist and antagonist of this movie, I will not be able to give a clear view f it. The

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