Church Of Epiphany Experience Essay

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I got the opportunity to visit the Church of Epiphany, Lord’s Catholic Church for the visitation report assignment. Church of Epiphany is located at 7336 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73132. From my house to the church, it took about 30 minutes to get there, it took longer compared to my regular church which only takes 10 minutes. I attend Oklahoma Brethren Bible Chapel on regular basis, it is a protestant based church. When I decided to go to the Church of Epiphany I contacted one of my friends who is a member of the church and got all the information. My friend also guided me throughout the ceremony explaining what is being done and it really helped me understand more. The church offers three services on Sunday: 8am, 10am, and 12:30pm.…show more content…
The message is something that encourages you or it could also be an advice that you could take with you for the coming week. The church of epiphany message was given by Rev. Stephen Bird on the topic of Hospitality. A book that was different from the hymn book contained service portions for each week and it also had bible portions for the message. The portion that was used for the message was from 1 kings 17: 10 to 16. This portion from the bible is a story about Prophet Elijah and a widow from Zarephath. The story is basically about the hospitality of this widow towards the prophet even when she was lacking everything, and how this behavior of hers was rewarded by God through the prophet. Based on this topic, the reverend preached about hospitality and as believer how important it was do this act. The message aspect is quite similar to my regular church, as the messaged are based on certain bible portions. The difference would be the time, the Catholic Church reaching was just about 15 minutes, when my regular church could go on for about 45 minutes. The messages in our church goes a little deeper and also covers other portions of the bible. Also, there are different preachers every week, unlike the church of epiphany where rev. Stephen bird preaches every week. The goal behind the messages are also the same, for the believers to go on with the week with some kind of advice or something to ponder
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