Compare And Contrast Churchill And Duckworth's Speech

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Churchill and Duckworth both created speeches about how perseverance leads to success. They both were extremely passionate about it and came to the central idea in different ways. Churchill develops the main idea by comparing and contrasting their present situation to their prior situation and speaking of past mistakes as lessons to be learned. Duckworth develops the main idea by using an experiment and her own personal experiences. Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain during world war 2 and he went to a boys boarding school that he had attended when he was younger, to hear traditional songs and deliver his speech. He starts off his speech with how the war evolved since the last time he had visited the school. The speech starts off with how depressing things were in the beginning, but then he speaks of how they are fortunate now. He speaks of how at the beginning of the war things were bleak and belief was low. “Why, when I was here last time we were quite alone, desperately alone, and we had been so for five or six months. We were poorly armed.” He continues his speech by explaining what Great Britain is good at. That Great Britain is good at taking the long and tough since most wars with Great Britain have only been this. This particular war was not only long and tough but also…show more content…
The hidden meaning behind these words foreshadows his main message. Churchill starts the second half of his speech with a lesson he felt he had to share with the student body. He basically says that you cannot trust how things may appear because appearances are deceptive. He applies this saying to how Great Britain’s situation was morose at the beginning of the war. It looked like there was no hope. The tenacity that Great Britain showed towards the end of the war, proves his statement. He ends his speech with some powerful ideas and words that wrap up his main idea of perseverance leading to
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