Ciaruteun River Script Analysis

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2. Ciaruteun (Replika) Inscription Material : Fiber Place : Ciaruteun river, Ciampea, Bogor, West Java Period : Before Century King : Purnawarmman Script : Pallawa Language : Sanskrit Size : Length 200 cm, width150 cm Inventory Number : none The original inscription is a large stone slab which is now still on the banks of the Ciaruteun river, that near the mouth of the Cisadane river. It was dating from the reign of King Purnawarmman of Tarumanegara. This inscription does not contain the digits of the year, based on the form of letters supposedly from 5th century a.d. the contents about the Purnawarmman to King praises treads his feet foot footprint associated with Vishnu. On the top there is the sculpture of animals such as spiders and footprints. There is also a sort of letter that curl up to this point has yet to be read. 3. Tugu Inscription Material : Andesit stone Place : Batutumbuh Village, Tugu Town, North Jakarta. Period : V Century King : Purnawarmman Script : Pallawa Language : Sanskrit Size : Length 80 cm, width137 cm Inventory Number : D 124 This inscription has a round-shaped like an egg with the inscription carved around the shape of the surface of the stone. There is an engraving of the Trident (a three pronged spears) that extends vertical, as if to serve as a boundary separator between the start and end of the sentence. This inscription is the only inscription from the time of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara mentioning elements

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