Cicero And Marcus Tullius Cicero: Cicero's Speechs

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Cicero against Verres constitutes a series of speeches delivered by Cicero in 70 BC. Verres was accused of corruption, extortion, misgovernment, bribery, and sexual assaults against women. This prosecution was an important turn point for Cicero because of the election of the aedileship in an office in Rome. Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) was a Roman orator and statesman. He was born at Arpinum and belongs to wealthy local family. He did his education in Rome to establish a career in public speaking and became a leading barrister in Rome. In 66 BC he was elected as a praetor and later elected as consul in 63 BC. Cicero was very much attached to Pompey because he contributed his political life to Pompey. Cicero was the greatest of the Roman orators and followed a common practice of publishing his speeches. Cicero served a year in Sicily and married his wife Terentia. Cicero was famous for his speeches and Oratory styles that included letters written to various correspondents which were later translated in Latin. Cicero represented seven orations but only two orations were published, the remaining five speeches were produced for other cases after the Verres trial. Gaius Verres was the governor of Rome’s oldest province Sicily. He became quaestor to the consul Gnaeus Carbo. Verres was appointed as a senior officer in 80 BC to control province Sicily. Verres got several accusations for Corruption and bribery and was executed on 43 BC in Rome. Cicero took this case against
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