Cicero's Attitude To Catiline

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In this story written by Cicero, he is ridiculing, (rightfully so), and explaining every reason to Catiline why he deserves punishment and negative sanctions. Catiline’s intentions were to destroy Italy and all the people because of a feud that happened between him and Cicero. The feud was that the two of them were running for a consul position, but because Catiline’s intentions were known to everyone, he was banned from running, therefore, he got mad.
While ridiculing and explaining to Catiline, Cicero wouldn’t allow him to speak, but then again, what would he have said? How would he respond to: “You need to die! Nobody is on your side!” Now if I were Catiline in this situation, to undermine Cicero’s opinions, I would tell him I don’t care
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