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Intro (opening sentence that catches the attention – general opinion) The Cider House Rules is 700 pages of confusion. It’s a story that has kept me wondering on what would happen and then give the current situation a 360 degree switch. It has kept me debating ‘till the end and even then I had to re-reflect on what I had just read. In my eyes, that is a distinguished trait for a professional piece of writing. Middle (4 arguments to defend your opinion – 1 per paragraph – use linking words) First of all I want to say that I loved a lot of things about The Cider House Rules, but I definitely loved the subjects that tended to pop up out of nowhere. I treasured the beginning where we got an insight in the life of an orphan who had to grow up…show more content…
The story itself gets built up slowly. It starts with the foundations, something a house needs to keep standing. The foundations are the past of Homer Wells, his orphanage life and the rejecting foster families. It's something we always go back to so we can understand the protagonist’s emotions a little better. The house that's standing on these foundations gets slowly built during the story. Rock by rock. It's Homer's life as a normal citizen who's trying to fit in the norms of society. Everything he does gets influenced by his past. It's his past that holds him together. The roof is the end of adultery; he’s ready to be whole. He has grown as a person and taught himself all kinds of things all the way through his life. The chimney is the end of the book. Not all houses have it, but it's fundamental if you want to release some pressure that's inside. The chimney symbolizes how Homer finally realizes what his fate is; he has fulfilled his duties as citizen and will have to be an abortionist for the rest of his life because that’s what he is. That is who he is supposed to be. He won’t be able to live without releasing the pressure of knowing what his fate is and not doing anything about it. The sky is heaven where you go once you house is fully built and already breaking down again. A house with creaks is an old man that has begun to sag. Doctor Larch has…show more content…
I found the book a bit too thick at the opening but then I thought of all the possibilities that it could bring to the tale. The length of the novel brought great potential for a well-developed character and a great explanation of everything that went on. If the book was only half of the pages it has originally, we wouldn’t receive all the information needed for it to be a fully comprehensible book. It also opens the universe of well-combined themes and subjects. The story gives us such an overflow of different topics that we find it hard to search the truly main source. If it were any other book, it would have become too overwhelming for the reading but because of the extent of the story the author manages to let the topics mend over in each other without being too overbearing to comprehend all the

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