Cider House Rules: Film Analysis

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The depiction of human nature and the argument concerning the way humans act and what stimulates their actions has always been the focus of art. In particular, the film directors have been often seeking for answers concerning the ways the human nature should be shown in the movies and the perception of the concept. With respect to the issue of human nature, both Cider House Rules and Children Of Men, raise the problem of the human nature and seek to reveal what are the internal drivers leading an individual trough life. In both cases, the films perform the function of an eye opener on the issues that deal with what goes on in the modern society and how are the human actions associated with their souls and beliefs. In the marginal situations…show more content…
The Cider House Rules movie seems to challenge the principles of the church and their beliefs through the personality of Dr. Wilbur Larch who defenses the right of women to make their own decision with respect to pregnancy and helps them to get through the abortion, thus performing the role of God (Holden). The doctor does not believe that this act is an indication of the negative human nature from the position of experience. Another view is reflected in the movie by Homer who views everything from the position of a child and believes that the abortion tends to be a wrong action and should not be justified. Thus, the film directors might appeal to the idea that the Christianity’s view of human nature appears to be immature enough, and one needs to reconsider the principles underlying the identification of the positive and negative aspects of human nature. As a result, for people it is sometimes useful to play God and to determine how the life would go further. Thus, the Cider House Rules challenges the beliefs of the dominant culture and develops a specific vision of the problem of human nature, in which making mistakes and behaving in the ways that may not be accepted well by the society is a norm. In contrast to the mentioned perspective concerning the Christianity, the Children of Men seems to align with the principles of the religion. The humanity is here depicted as faulty in the events that occur, which means that it is destroying the surrounding world feeling it as God. At the same time, the saving of the last child seems to be the beginning of the new humanity, which would appear improved. As a result, the religious perspective is emphasized in the
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