Cigarette Ad Analysis Essay

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Cigarette ad companies spend approximately $8.95 billion on cigarette advertising and promoting a year. On the flip side just a sixteenth of that amount promotes smoking as a hazard. Although smoking is usually depicted as a cool and enjoyable experience, this ad shows the negative effects of smoking. The ad has a unique way of putting a sense of fear in the viewer and gives smokers a straightforward message to beware of the risk that smoking brings.
The background displays black, but has a light that shines dully from the bottom left corner, almost resembling the light of a lit candle or something burning. Your eye catches the flame of the lighter first, which is held by just a hand creeping into the view of the camera, and is enhanced by the dark background. At the peak of the flame, a fuse hangs long and thin. This fuse wraps around three cigarettes that lay on top of a pocket watch. The fuse has tightly coiled around the
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The colors help set the mood for the picture and helps to contrast the important features in the ad. Likewise, the words used to assist the ad in giving a clear and concise message. Numbers play a pivotal role in the idea that the advertising company is trying to give. The paper helped to reiterate the concept of not making conclusions without looking at all the facts. Looking at the ad for a while will help give smokers a better detailed description of what the ad wants you to comprehend. When presented this ad the initial thought was “not another smoking ad” but upon looking at the ad for a while, I started to realize this ad had more to it than what was first thought. I came to the conclusion that this ad is trying to put the fear that death, is in your own
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