Cigarettes Argumentative Essay

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E-cigarettes have seen a surge in usage over recent times across the world. Various sources have claimed a decrease in health risks and an increased threshold of quitting, while others suggest little or no differences in health benefits over regular cigarettes. This essay will discuss the intentions of E-cigarettes as a whole, the targeted and proposed demographics, and whether or not allegations made against or towards E-cigarettes retain any crucial validity. To fully understand the nature of this topic, one should first be made aware of the inner-workings of an E-cigarette. In the latest iterations of the E-cigarette, components consist mainly of a mouthpiece, a cartridge, a heating element or atomizer, a microprocessor, a battery and…show more content…
While this evidence alone would seem provide an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes, E-cigarettes, according to California’s Department of Public Health, utilise at least 10 different chemicals dispersed in its aerosol of which are known to cause cancer and types of procreative harm to the user, as well as causing exasperation throughout the body, consisting of an irritation in the mouth and windpipe, chest pain and nausea, leading to an undecided notion in favour of E-cigarettes. Most commonly, the concern raised by E-cigarettes is the overall increased usage which, according to the A.S.H. Fact Sheet in the U.K. alone, has increased to 17.6% in 2014 alone. Issues are raised regarding the younger demographic, and the adverse effects E-cigarettes may impede towards their future and wellbeing, and while being advertised as a near 100% safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Scientists remain uncertain whether or not E-cigarettes provide an overall superior well-being towards its users as opposed to its subservient counterpart, although factors do come into effect when analysing the intentions of the user in making the choice to switch
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