Negative Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

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CIGARETTES. Smoking cigarettes kills 6 million people worldwide every year according to the World Health Organization. According to the American Cancer Society, “If current trends continue, tobacco use will kill 8 million people annually by 2030. Tobacco use also affects the health of smokers and non-smokers in so many ways.
Lung cancer, which is caused primarily by smoking, accounts for 30 percent of all cancer deaths. Smoking increases the risk other types of cancer because inhaling smoke damages chromosomes in the cells. Cancer. Cigarettes can cause cancer everywhere in your body. Pregnant women who smoke affect their child’s health as premature delivery, pre-birth death birth and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) increase. Birth weight
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Here are a few things inside of tobacco: Nicotine a highly toxic oily liquid, Tar is a coal like substance used for burning and carbon monoxide a poisonous gas that is produced by burning carbon. Smokers tend to smell bad, have smelly clothes and usually get yellow or brown stains on their teeth. If you smoke you also speed up the aging process of getting wrinkles and skin damage after 10 years of smoking, since the nicotine in the tobacco causes restriction of the blood vessels in the outer layer of your skin, which leads to less blood flow which provides less oxygen and important nutrients such as Vitamin A. Every cigarette you smoke reduces your life by 11 minutes. But everyday 400 teens start smoking for the very first time. Smoking is not illegal, which leads to millions of people taking up the practice. Unfortunately governments collect revenue in the form of taxation from the sale of tobacco products. This may encourage governments to permit smoking. On the other hand taxation increase the purchase price of cigarettes but this does not seem to make people quit. Approximately fifteen billion cigarettes are smoked every single day. 69% of smokers want to quit but just can't break habit. Usually anybody near the smoker gets affected even more than the smoker because of the second-hand smoke. Every 72 seconds…show more content…
Scientific research has proved that smoking has many negative effects. Dissemination of this information through education and advertising informs the public of the risk. This encourages individuals who prefer a healthy lifestyle to try to give up smoking. Development of scientific alternatives to cigarette has helped people give up smoking. There are many ways of avoiding cigarettes to get off addiction for example chewing sugar free gum,that helps because smokers tend to want something to chew on in their mouths. The second option could be chewing on a toothpick which is also available in different flavours to get that cigarette feeling. Eating dark chocolates is another great substitute for smoking because it helps prevent the platelet function by lowering the oxidative stress in smokers which when combined with inflammation can lead to atherosclerosis where your arteries get clogged by plaque and many other illnesses.Yoga or meditation also helps to calm down and relax instead of being relaxed and smoking in a smoking zone. Running can help relieve stress and also helps cope with discomfort and work as an alternative to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette or e cigarette is a battery operated cigarette which produces nicotine vapours, it also helps smokers to quit tobacco addiction as they are a better alternative to real traditional cigarettes. Although smoking is less prevalent in Oman, prevention should be

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